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Hot South indian aunty photos without dress mallu bhabhi

The Word “Aunties” in India is used for referring any women who is close to Mother’s age. In US, “mallu bhabhi” is used for referring sister of father or mother. In India, majority of aunties are married and stay home for household work. In metropolitan cities like delhi, bombay, and banglore we can see lots of working class aunties that cope-up with both house hold work and their professional life.

aunty photos without dress :-In India, aunties usually fall in the age group of early 30’s to late 40’s. Their traditional dress is mallu bhabhi in Saree. In some northern region, Punjabi suit is also mixed with Saree. Saree is basically a two-layered dress where inner layer is composed of a tight top and a long skirt like bottom. The upper layer is transparent and silky cloth that covers inner top and bottom. Basically, Saree reveals complete figure of aunties and that’s one of the main reason that makes Indian aunties so attractive. Most of the aunties have very long hairs with nice and well-built body.

Hot South indian aunty photos without dress mallu bhabhi wallpapers 

hot aunty photos without dress:- Most of Indian boys in the age group of eighteen to early twenty’s are not interested in the girl’s of their age group. Surprisingly, they are interested in aunties. Almost every grown-up Indian guy can tell you a story about his past time aunty. In many cases, this favorite aunty is next-door newly wedded aunty or young science or math’s teacher. In almost every guy’s story, this favorite aunty remains in fantasy and never end-up with Physical relationship.

aunty photos without dress

aunty photos without dress

aunty photos without dress:– This “aunty” attraction was first exposed in one of raj kapoor’s movie where very young school boy start falling in love with his class teacher. In this movie all this attraction started when this boy first saw her changing cloths during a school trip. Another movies was “ek choti see love story” in which a teen-age boy got attracted towards next building mallu bhabhi unmarried aunty. It all started when this boy saw her while she was taking shower and while aunty was making love with her boy friend.

aunty photos without dress :-Almost every boy and “aunty” story starts with physical attraction and becomes fantasy love story. According to a recent survey, seventy percent upper middle class married men have finally married a girl that some how looked like the aunty they loved in their teen age. It’s interesting to know that websites like  has more visitors than many Indian matrimonial sites because on above website many Indian aunties upload their photo’s for rating and the aunty with maximum votes becomes top mallu bhabhi aunty of the year.

No matter how attractive Indian aunties are, I would suggest stay away.

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